• 1 What Batteries Will I Need?

    All of our cameras you AA size batteries, with a required minimum of 4, up to a maximum of 8.

  • 2 Do The Cameras Emit Light When Recording?

    No. All of our cameras are fitted with Black 940NM LED’s which do not emit any light whatsoever.

  • 3 What Size SD Card Do I Need?

    A Standard Size SD Card is Required for use with all of our cameras, Different models can use different memory sizes so please check on the camera pages for more information.

  • What Warranty do these cameras come with?

    Unlike Numerous other suppliers of Wildlife cameras in the UK, We deal with all warranty repairs/repairs ourselves which is fully covered for 1 year from the date of purchase. You will find the warranty card included in your cameras box.

  • There's a small red lens that seems to be in the wrong place?

    This is quite possibly our most frequently asked question. The Lens is the IR filter, This operates itself once the camera is switched on by moving as needed when it detects a change in light.

  • I Cannot seem to pick up signal on my MMS model?

    The setting up of a MMS model can be a little tricky at first but we have a number of useful walkthrough we are able to supply if needed. if you encounter problems when setting up your model please let us know and we’ll be glad to help!  


  • When Can I Expect to receive my Camera?

    We ship items everyday at 4:30PM, 85% of all our products arrive next day within the UK. Delivery times outside the UK can vary dramatically which is why we always track our shipments so you can see where they are. 

  • It's been more then 5 days and I still haven't received my camera?

    Unfortunately although rare some shipments do get lost, We can cannot preform a lost parcel claim until 30 days have elapsed. if the product was tracked then the job of finding it is much easier. 

  • Where do you Ship to?

    We ship all across the world and have experience sending to some of the more remote places on earth. The only thing we will say if that it can take up to 3 weeks+ depending on where you want them sending to